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Partnership with Ace Pro Gaming

Published by charisma on November 12th, 2017



Today I am proud to announce our partnership with Ace Pro Gaming a Kenyan based organization involved in the eSports Community. What makes this partnership well worth, is the concept that we both have which is to grow competitive eSports not just in our respective regions but world wide. Ace Pro Gaming will be one of the primary sponsors of leagues held by eSports Circuit though the Call of Duty: WWII Season starting with the $3,000 prize pool, Season One league. They will also be sponsoring the League MVP Prize for Season One. And much more that has yet to be revealed.


But enough about us... Here's some info that'll help you get to know them better.



Who we Are
Ace Pro Gaming Inc. is a startup Esports company based in Nairobi, Kenya formed by 4 individuals with a keen interest in the growing popularity of E-Sports in Kenya, the East African
region and world in general.


What we do
Ace Pro Gaming Inc. specializes in the organizing, sponsoring, and advertising of different electronic sports tournaments happening in Kenya, and around East Africa.


How we do it
Ace Pro Gaming has worked to create different partnerships with other organizations that deal in E-Sports management to enable the company to participate in different tournaments in different
ways. This includes organizing, serving as judges, sponsoring and marketing tournaments. This is all in a bid to become synonymous with the promotion of electronic sports in the region.
In an environment where electronic sports is only considered as pass-time, Ace Pro is working to build a reputation that Esports can be more than just pass-time, and can be a career for game
enthusiasts. The company is currently working to ensure that there are different mini- tournaments held in different regions for different games. We are also working to build a
database of Esports players in the region to keep track of the best players in the different games.

Furthermore, we are seeking to grow the Kenyan online gaming community to participate in
international tournaments and competitions. The platform we have provided is slowly growing, and in time, we hope that the different partnerships we are creating enable us to achieve our



To build a global Esports community in and around Kenya/Africa that will lead to the growth of the Esports culture.


To be the leading and preferred choice when it comes to electronic sports management, administration, and data and statistics analysis in and around Kenya/Africa.

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