Alinity accused of animal abuse on stream.

Published by Charisma

Twitch streamer known as Alinity caught up in another controversial topic after numerous clips of her pet cats went viral, in particular one of which shows her spitting vodka in the cats mouth as well as throwing the pet after getting annoyed.


She's been involved in multiple controversial incidents throughout her time streaming on Twitch. This time whilst streaming Apex Legends, she got annoyed at her cat who was walking across her desk. She instantly ppicked up the cat (Milo) and tossed it over her head and carried on with her ongoing match.

Keemstar even commented via twitter questioning Twitch and how Alinity is still alowed to stream and has yet still maintained her partner status.

After being spammed with messages from her chat  in regards to her throwing her cat. She responds by saying "I didn't think you guys would notice it honestly". Later going on to make jokes in regard to the incident.




However the backlash led to users uncovering more videos of Alinity abusing her cats, in one such clip she's shown taking a sip of Vodka and giving her cat a kiss. The taste of the vodka obviously did not sit well with her cat, who jumps away from her.

Many users on social media are furious and claim that she can get away with amost anything, after the several past incidents. The streamer has yet to publicly respond to her actions seen live on stream.









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