#ESCSpringLeague details and signups!

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First and foremost we would like to say we are proud to announce our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare #ESCSpringLeague. We're excited to bring this event to the amatuer community, as it provides another source for competition and opportunity to practice and get better, as well as make some money!

Enough about that, here's some details about the League and the Qualifiers you must participate in, in order to Qualify for the league.


General Information

  • PS4 & Xbox One Crossplay
  • 5v5 Variant League
  • Users must provide Activision ID
  • 5 Starters // 2 Substitutes
  • Matches streamed at Twitch.tv/eSportsCircuit
  • $2,000 Prize Pool, prize based off qualifier entries and buyins. However $750 is Guaranteed from us!


  • 4 Qualifiers Total.
  • 6 Teams will qualify in EACH of the FOUR qualifiers.
  • Entry is $15 Per Team (NOT EACH PLAYER)
  • The brackets will be Double elimination.
    • Winners Bracket will be a Best Of 5 Series.
    • Losers Bracket will be a Best of 3 Series.
  • Max amount of teams that can signup per qualifier is 66.
  • Qualifier #1 - March 15th @ 6 pm EST
  • Qualifier #2 - March 22nd @ 6 pm EST
  • Qualifier #3/4 TBD according to CDL / Local events.



  • League will consist of 32 Teams / TWO Divisions ( Decided via results from Qualifier/Direct Buy-In).
  • There will be 8 Direct Buy-In spots for $35 each.
  • Matches will be played throughout the week, at a time decided by the league.
  • Matches will be broadcasted on Twitch and posted on YouTube.
  • Teams will play each other Once.
  • Duration is approx. One Month.
  • At the end of the League, the Top 16 Teams will advance to Playoffs, and compete for the overall prize pool.



  • To Signup for the qualifier or for a direct league entry pass contact us via twitter. Information found down below!

Any further issues regarding the League Structure or Qualifiers, or any other questions feel free to contact us via Twitter or Email.

Founder / CEO - @iKingCharisma

Email: [email protected]


ESC League Ops - @ESCLeagueOps // @eSportsCircuit

Email: [email protected]

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