Welcome to eSports Intel

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What is eSports Intel and what is their goal?

We are a Esports & Entertainment coverage source as part of the Esports Circuit network that will be focusing primarily on the amateur community not just in COD but other titles as well.

We’re looking to make this a go-to hub for teams / players and any others starting this upcoming season.


The basics we are offering are:

- Database For Community for players / Teams etc to build connections.

- Community wide events

- Information in regards to all things Esports

- Advice for Players / Organization

And More.

We will be launching our page on eSportCircuit.com this September.


Till then, we are in search of the following:

  •  Staff
  •  Journalists
  •  Designers
  •  Editors
  •  Consultants


If you’d like to be added, please contact us as our DM are OPEN.


We are creating a community wide networking database for our site.

- Organizations
- Players
- Tournament Organizers
- Companies

And more.

If interested feel free to send us a message via twitter till we get a proper channel for inquiries set up.

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